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We have became one of the biggest cable & wire rod producers group in IRAN

کیفیت برتر خدمات خوبتحویل به موقع و همکاری صمیمانه

What are Alumrod’s products? With a history of over 55 years, Alumrod is the first producer of aluminum wire rod in Iran. The company is majority owned by Alumtek. The company was established to provide raw materials for Alumtek to produce different types of aluminum conductors for transmission, distribution, and sub transmission lines in the power grid. Alumrod is a TSE-listed company; it has been an independent legal entity and a publicly traded company for over 15 years. Our products include pure and alloy wire rod with thicknesses of 9.5 and 12 mm, as well as 5, 6, 7, 8, and 12 inch billets. Alumrod’s wire rod has diverse applications. It is mainly used to produce aluminum conductors. The wire rod is drawn to the required thickness according to standards and used in conductors. 

Another application is as deoxidizer in steel and heavy metals furnaces. Aluminum-titanium wire rod is another product, mainly used to produce pipes for freezers, refrigerators, and cars. Billets with 6, 7, 8, and 12 inch cross sections with different alloys such as 6061, 6201, and 6063 are used in press machines to produce different types of sections and extrusions. At Alumtek, Alumrod’s billets are pressed into busbars (hollow tubes in power substations), extrusions for doors and windows, motorized rolling shutters, and strategic products such as third rails (used to provide electricity to trains).

آلومراد و آلومینیوم

پایین بودن نسبی قیمت و بالا بودن استحکام آلومینیوم و آلیاژهای آن سبب شده‌است که آلومینیوم در بین فلزات غیر آهنی بیشترین کاربرد در ساخت قطعات و تنوع تولید انواع محصولات را داشته باشد.

خــدمـات مـا

تولیدات ما راد آلومینیومی و آلياژي با قطر 9و 12 میلیمتر و همچنين انواع بیلت آلياژي 6متری بصورت هموژن شده

مشاهده کار ما

آلومراد پیشتاز توسعه و فناوری

هم افزایی دولت و بخش خصوصی برای توسعه صنعت برق کشور ضروری است، و در شرایط جنگ اقتصادی مسئولیت کسانی که این معنا را درک می‌کنند بیشتر است تا بازی را به نفع خود تغییر دهیم.

آخرین خبرهای آلومراد

آخرین اخبار شرکت را در این بخش دنبال کنید

خبر های بیشتر

شرکت آلومراد پیشرو در صنعت آلومینیومشرکت آلومتك نوآور و پيشرو در صنعت برق كشور


ALUMROD was established in 1977, our factory is located on a very strategic location in Qazvin, IRAN. We focus on the manufacturing of high quality aluminum Rod to supply the power cable industries. Our products comply and exceed the needs of power cable latest standard; both International such as ASTM / IEC and National such as Standard National IRAN. Our consistency to provide the best product and best service to our loyal customer has gained us to be the best aluminum rod manufacturer in Indonesia.

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